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France Holiday Diary

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Rated 2.2/5 stars (116 votes cast)

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France Holiday Day 1

This morning we woke up late after arrivingat about 12:30 the night before. We explored the gardenand met the neighbours in the morning, and at around 10:45 we wentfor a walk around the area. We went intothe village, found a map and discussed the way back. In the end we turned the SatNav on which led us home.

We then had lunch and stayed at the house for the afternoon. Sebastian and Nathaniel went in the pool, and eventually Genevieve went in. We played in thegarden and didn’t really do much. Me and dad went out at around four to thenearest town, we bought 4 pain-au-chocolat and two French sticks from a bakerywe found open, six croissants from the next open bakery and some ham, wine andyoghurt from a small shop we found open.

I went in the pool when we got back(the others were not in it then) It was - how shall I put put it - exhilarating! Icame in, had a warm shower and then had we tea.

Day rating: 6/10

Images: The House (206KB) Swimming Pool (210KB) Swimming Pool All (193KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 27th July 2009, Event date: 19th July 2009

France Holiday Day 2

Today after breakfast, all the family (barme) decided it would be a great idea to go and have a swim in the pool – bearingin mind it was around nine French time, and it was rather mild outside. I stoodthere taking video,photos and laughing at all of them freezing cold in the pool. After the mad morning we went to a beach, and were in search of a shopon the way. We found one called Hyper U and shopped for some stuff for lunch.

We ate the lunch on the beach (called Blonville-Sur-Mer) - which was only 5 minutes drive from the shop -but the French people looked at us in a really weird way, as French peopledon’t really eat on the beach. After the beach we went back to Hyper U andbought some yoghurt, fruit, croissant and pain-au-chocolat for breakfast nextday and some cheese and ham crêpes with potato balls for tea (it was also ahandy loo stop). After Hyper U we headed of for a lovely, quaint little fishingtown called Honfleur. We spent about two hours there and then went home to have tea.

Day rating: 7/10

Images: The Very Cold Pool (269KB) Honfleur (219KB) Honfleur Harbour (185KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 27th July 2009, Event date: 20th July 2009

France Holiday Day 3

This morning we got up (rather late) and thendrove off in the direction of a town called L’Aigle (pronounced leg). There we exploredthe town and went to a market that had been recommended to us. It was good,however very similar to an English one – except the poor really squashed coopedup chickens which were for sale, you don’t see that back home.

After the marketwe went to a nearby village and had lunch. It was a four course meal but two ofthe courses (starter and cheeses) were not very nice. The steak was ok, thechips and lettuce good, and the chocolate mouse was absolutely fantastic. Wethen went to one of the village’s bakers (which we were told was the bestbakers in France) and bought some French stick, chocolate éclairs croissant andpain-au-chocolat. We then journeyed home went in the splash pool, got cold, hada shower and ate tea.

Day rating: 6/10

Images: Poor Cooped Up Chickens (283KB) French Restaurant (164KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 27th July 2009, Event date: 21th July 2009

France Holiday Day 4

Today we woke up, ate the fruit and yoghurtI had prepared for breakfast, got washed and dressed and then headed off to a beach somewhere called Etretat.The beach was not your typical beach, it had no sand, only stones but thereason we went there was for the cliffs. They had amazing stacks and stumpsaround the coast. Naturally we wanted to explore these, climb on them,photograph them etc, so we parked the car and went to try and find how to getto them. I said we should go down on the road and follow it into town. Mum anddad said we should take another path which ran parallel with the coast.

Wefollowed the path until we got to an opening in the fence. Using the French weknew we translated it to mean something like: Through path to coast, but bewareof golf balls (although it should have been golfers – read on). We crossed thestyle and found ourselves on a golf course. We didn’t know where to go so weheaded of in the direction of the coast. Very soon we were met by some angrygolfers who basically told us to go away. We naturally pretended not to understandand disappeared out of sight. Soon after we met some more angry golfers, wetried to do the same thing, but they knew English, so we stood no chance.

Weeventually exited the golf course, walked through the golfers private wood anddown into the town. We found the cliffs quite easily and looked around them fora few hours. There was a German machine gun base/look out on the beach left overfrom the war. Me, mum and Genevieve then went to look around the town. When wegot back, we walked through a dark passage in a cliff to a hidden bay. After we went to the car and drove home – via a supermarket to buy tea.

Day rating: 8/10

Images: Etretat German Bunker (286KB) Etretat Town and Cliff View (110KB) Etretat Cliffs (149KB) Etretat Cliff View (76KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 29th July 2009, Event date: 22nd July 2009

France Holiday Day 5

This morning we got up had breakfast andthen went to a shop to buy some food for lunch. We then went off to a nearbyzoo and spent the whole day there. It was really good; the animals seemed to bewell looked after and had plenty of space, and we were able to get right upclose, I mean really close to the animals.

There was a real down pour in the middleof the day, but as we were just eating lunch we dashed inside the car. We thenwent to explore the rest of the zoo, only to have to shelter for fifteenminutes from another really heavy down pour. After the zoo we went to a shop,then came home and had tea.

Day rating: 9/10

Images: French Zoo - Turtle (232KB) French Zoo - Giraffe (164KB) French Zoo - Rhino (275KB) French Zoo - White Tiger (296KB) French Zoo - Bear (272KB) French Zoo - Kangaroo (302KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 30th July 2009, Event date: 23rd July 2009

France Holiday Day 6

Today was the final full days holiday, soin the morning we stayed at the house and packed up ready to leave tomorrow. We also went in thepool, and everyone - except me and mum - had a walk down to the village.

In the afternoon we went off in search of a beach, we found onebut it was bucketing it down. We then drove around trying to find a bridge fromD-Day called Pegasus Bridge (unsuccessfully). When the rain had stopped we found another beach,and then I sat in the car reading whilst the others went to play on the beach.We then came home and got the final stuff ready to leave in the morning.

Day rating: 7/10

Images: Me in the Swimming Pool (302KB) All on the French Beach (166KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 31st July 2009, Event date: 24th July 2009

France Holiday Day 7

We left the house at 10 ish and did a whistlestop tour of a town called Rouen. We then went shopping got on the ferry.Drove to a fish and chip shop, and went home. Oh yeah, and the Sat Nav wentcrackers - basically it got lost.

Thank you for reading my holiday diary; I hope you enjoyed it!

Day rating: 6/10

Images: The White Cliffs of Dover (136KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 31st July 2009, Event date: 25th July 2009

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