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Matty Batty

A very good friend of mine goes under the name of Matty Batty. Over the years he has helped me out, a countless number of times, with things to do with my website's - as I hope I have helped him too, probably not as much though. So I thought - to thank him - that I should write this article as a tribute to him. Below I have listed a few things that he has helped me with, and I hope this gives him a little bit of glory - which he undoubtedly deserves.

Things he has done to help me include:
  • Designing the contact form on my blog and website

  • Beta testing most website's I launch (and redesigns)

  • Piecing together the breadcrumb navigation on my website

  • Creating the script for the randomly changing image found on my website

  • Giving me graphical advice (when I have spent ages working on something, and because of that I have become blind to the fact that it looks really bad)

  • Testing my sites in multiple browsers

  • Helping me figure out HTML errors I have made

  • Being a fantastic friend

  • And so many more things I can't even begin to remember...
Thank You Matty Batty for all your help (please continue giving it!)

Links: Matty Batty's Tutorials, Reviews and Technology Blog

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 29th July 2009

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