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Woodland Ways

As a birthday treat, we booked my dad a foraging trip, with a company called Woodland Ways. I went with him, and we had really great fun. First of we were briefed on the safety precautions and then we set off to a rather normal looking field. There the guide told us all about different types of plant and their uses - he even made some rope out of nettles (and I ate some nettle leaves!).

Then after the tour, we were all told to scout around the field, and gather some of the food he had showed us for the meal later. Me and dad had great fun, going around the field looking for blackberries and all sorts of weeds and even slows (a bit like a really small damson).

Woodland Ways
In the afternoon we were taken into the wood and colleced a few more ingredints such as Burdock root (as in Dandelion and Burdock), me and dad managed to find and dig up the biggest root! After a little more foraging we set out for the camp which the instructors had set up earlier. We all chipped in and helped prepair the food. My favourite bit was the hairy watercress and mayonnaise, closely followed by the Crayfish (which had been bought from a supermarket, but we cooked them, got the fish/meat out, and then ate them).

It was a realy good day out, I am glad I went, and I am also glad that dad enjoyed it too. If you are into that sort of stuff, I realy recomend them. I have put a link to their site below.

Links: Woodland Ways

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 13th September 2009, Event date: 13th September 2009

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