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Cumbria Holiday Diary

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Day 1 - Traveling

24th July 2010

Our Holiday House - Cumbria
Our Holiday House - Cumbria
 Today we set off at 10:45 for a long journey all the way to Cumbria where we would be staying for a week in a lovely new holiday house.

The house was in the village of Holme, and had just been refurbished, so was in great condition. It had two double bedrooms, and a sofa bed. It also had a very nice bathroom, lounge and kitchen.

After we had arrived and unloaded the car, we went off to the local shops, (about 15 minutes drive away to the town of Kendal) to stock up with food for the next few days, so that we didn't go hungry. We then came back to the house, and explored around a bit, before having tea, watching some TV and then finally going to bed for the night.

Day rating: 3/10

Images: Holiday House Garden (358KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 1st August 2010, Event date: 24th July 2010

Day 2 - Windermere Airshow

25th July 2010

After being woken up by dad washing the dishes as I was sleeping on the sofa bed, next to the kitchen, we all had breakfast, got ready and went out in the car for a short drive to a nearby town called Bowness on Windermere.

Every year, The Windermere Rotary Club host an air show, and we just happened to be there on that weekend. The air show had a variety of things inside, from an artist who did some brilliant cartoons of us, who went by the name of Evsie, a miniature train that you could ride on, some model aeroplanes and helicopters, Silverband Falconry and many other things.

We explored these and watched a few things in the arena, before heading back up to the town to buy fish and chips for lunch.

After eating our lunch with the lovely view of the harbour in front of us, we headed back to the hill where the event was, and saw some brilliant air displays from many different aeroplanes from Spitfires and RAF Tucano to Twister Duo and Aerostars. Finally we watched the RAF Falcons Parachute Team land.
Aerobatics at Windermere Airshow
Aerobatics at Windermere Airshow

By this time we were rather hungry, so we decided to go to the nearby Fell Foot Country Park. There we not only found the perfect picnic spot, but also some spectacular views! The best thing was that as it was near to closing time, there was nobody there, so we had this amazing place to ourselves. We then went back to the holiday house, watched some TV and went to bed.

Day rating: 6/10

Images: Silverband Falconry at Windermere Airshow (401KB) Aerobatics at Windermere Airshow Love Heart in Smoke (136KB) Lake Windermere at Fell Foot Country Park (132KB) Our Family at Fell Foot Country Park (187KB) Me at Fell Foot Country Park (275KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 1st August 2010, Event date: 25th July 2010

Day 3 - Lots of Walking

26th July 2010

Today after breakfast we went out in the car to Warton Crag, which is a rather large hill, from which there was a brilliant view of the whole surrounding area. You could see many towns, the sea, loads of fields and even a wind farm! The views were amazing, but not quite a match for the day before at Fell Foot Country Park. We then had an explore around the village and saw the old ruins of the rectory, which was just opposite the Warton village church. Back to the car, and to the holiday house.

Happy Mount Park
Happy Mount Park
 Whilst mum and dad cooked dinner, me, Genevieve, Nathaniel and Sebastian went out to try and find the canal which was near the house. Using my expert navigation skills we found the canal, and took some really nice pictures of Holme (our village) and the bridge that goes over the canal. When we got back, dinner was nearly ready - sweet and sour chicken, yum.

Make some sandwiches, then off out again to Lancaster. There we went around the Judges Lodgings. On the top floor of the house there was a Doctor Who exhibition compiled by some very keen Doctor Who fans, which I enjoyed looking around. Back in the car for a short journey to the Happy Mount Park.

This was a truly beautiful, very well kept park with many different attractions, from crazy golf and Japanese gardens to the fantastic play area, which my brothers and sister spent quite some time in. On the way out we found a splash park, and went in fully clothed, not a good idea, as we all came out after a lot of fun, soaking wet!

After a few stops on the way home to look at famous local attractions, including Eric Morecambe's Statue and the station in Carnforth, famous because Brief Encounter was filmed there. Despite the sat-nav going a little loopy, we found our way home.

Day rating: 8/10

Images: Our Family at the Top of Warton Crag (296KB) The View from the top of Warton Crag (211KB) The Village of Holme in Cumbria (133KB) Happy Mount Park Splash Park (321KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 1st August 2010, Event date: 26th July 2010

Day 4 - History

27th July 2010

Up, out and back into the car - this seems to be happening very often! This time off of to visit the home of the famous author Beatrix Potter, who lived in Hilltop House in the village of Near Sawrey, yes that is actually a name of a village - there is also a Far Sawrey. We got our tickets and had some time to kill, before we could go into the house, so we went to the local park, much smaller than Happy Mound Park though!

It was really interesting to see Beatrix Potters house, as many of the illustrations in her books we found, as they were places actually in her house. The National Trust guides were all very helpful, and gave us one of her books, so that we could spot places from the illustrations in the book, and find them around the house. We then had a look around the gardens which were very well kept.

It was strange to think that most of Beatrix Potter's stories were inspired by things that went on in her house and gardens, and we could walk on the same places, and see the same things.

Back to the park to eat our lunch and have some fun, then back in the car and off following the sat-nav again. On the way to our next destination we saw an old mill, and couldn't resist a look, so we parked the car and went to explore.
Stott Park Bobbin Mill
Stott Park Bobbin Mill

The mill was called Stott Park Bobbin Mill and it was used up until the 1970's to make wooden bobbins. We were given a very interesting guided talk about the mill, which I must credit them for, as they even showed us many of the machines actually working and making bobbins.

Back in the car and off to Fell Foot Country Park, as we knew that this was the perfect spot for tea! More stunning views, but slightly busier than last time, but brilliant all the same, oh yeah and we found the park bit of the country park, where I really hurt my bum by getting too big a run up on the zip-wire! A quick stop at a shop on the way home, lead us to yet more stunning views, then off home.

Day rating: 8/10

Images: Beatrix Potter's House (437KB) Stott Park Bobbin Mill Making Bobbins (310KB) Fell Foot Country Park Lake View (240KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 1st August 2010, Event date: 27th July 2010

Day 5 - Blackpool

28th July 2010

Today we woke up, had breakfast, got ready and fed some ducks, which were in a pond near to where the car was parked. After stretching our legs, we got in the car for a one hour drive to Blackpool. After a long time trying to find somewhere to park, we walked to the famous Blackpool Tower, where we bought our tickets and went inside. We had a look around the famous building for a while,before heading to the circus, for our 1pm time slot.

Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Tower
 The circus was good, my favourite bit was when they got 3 members of the audience up, showed them a small role play which they then had to act out. As you can imagine, they got it wrong a few times, leading to hysterical laughter from the audience. For the finale, the circus ring floor lowered down, to make a big pool of water in the middle. This was quite amazing to see, as non of us expected it at all!

After finally getting the queues to get out of the circus, we thought it would be a good time to go up to the tower, so we got in the queue and then waited to go all the way up to over 400 feet! The top was very high, as you would expect, we then climbed the last few levels to get to the maximum height that visitors could now go to - due to the unsafe structure, as it is over 100 years old. That means that the highest point that you can go to on the Blackpool Tower is 412 feet.

I got some great photographs of Blackpool from above. It was also very sad because we saw some lifeboats and a helicopter searching for someone in the water.

When we got home we saw on the news that it was two teenagers that had been swimming in a large rubber ring. The search started around 3:40 after several 999 calls from members of the public in Blackpool who said they had seen a boy disappear underneath a wave. One of the teenagers had managed to swim back to shore, but the other one was stranded out at sea. A body was seen drifting near one of the piers, and it was confirmed to be the missing boy, how very sad.

We then went down a few levels back to where the lifts took us, and stood on the "Blackpool Tower Walk of Faith" which was basically a big hole in the floor, which had been filled with very strong glass, so if you were brave enough, you could walk across, and see the view of the town. Back into the lift, and down to the main part of the tower again. Here we had a look around the Jurassic exhibition, and saw their short 3D Jurassic film, which wasn't very impressive, to be honest. A quick look in the famous ballroom, and then out of the tower and onto the town, to visit some arcades!

After a few hours going around arcades, we went and ate dinner looking out over the sea, beautiful! Back home to the village of Holme - great name for a village - watch some TV and into bed.

Day rating: 9/10

Images: The View from Blackpool Tower (246KB) At the Top of Blackpool Tower (245KB) Our Family at Blackpool (214KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 2nd August 2010, Event date: 28th July 2010

Day 6 - Beach

29th July 2010

As many people in the family were tired after our trip to Blackpool, we didn't leave the house until quite late, and it was very sunny (well I say sunny, you could see a tiny bit of blue sky amongst the cloud, but that's as sunny as it has been!) Nathaniel suggested that we went to the beach, there wasn't much else to do, so we went. On the way to the beach it started to rain, oh well.

It cleared up by the time we got to the beach, so the boys put on their beach shoes and ran off to the freezing sea. I decided it would be best to go and have a walk along the seafront, and then retreat to the car.

Eventually we left the beach, and went to the supermarket to buy some tea. Home eat tea, and guess what, write my holiday diary, watch some TV and go to bed.

Day rating: 4/10

Images: Lord Roberts Street (336KB) Cumbrian Beach (204KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 2nd August 2010, Event date: 29th July 2010

Day 7 - Zoo

30th July 2010

Our last day in Cumbria was forecast to be a wet one, but despite the gloomy forecast we made our way to South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

Penguins Waddling
Penguins Waddling
 There we had lots of fun walking around the zoo, admittedly it wasn't as good as the zoo in France, but you could still get quite close to the animals. We saw many things from tigers to limas and penguins to bears.

There were many chances to get involved and feed the animals. We got to feed some penguins, which was really good, but unfortunately it started to bucket it down, making us a little wet! We also got to feed some giraffes, which were luckily inside, as by that time we were rather wet! The zoo had been good, but it would have been much better without the rain, as despite there being many undercover places, you just had to go out to see all the animals.

Off to a supermarket on the way back to the holiday house, and then back to pack, so that we could leave for our home by 10 o'clock the next morning.

Day rating: 7/10

Images: Emus (427KB) Lemur (264KB) Giraffes and Rhinos (378KB) Leopard Climbing Tree (403KB) Tiger (464KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 2nd August 2010, Event date: 30th July 2010

Thanks for reading!

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