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Easter Weekend Holiday Diary

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Day 1 - Lyveden New Bield, Barnwell Country Park, Wansford Station

3rd April 2010

Today we had a lovely day out to the National Trust Property Lyveden New Bield, the country park at Barnwell, and the station at Wansford.

First we set off to the National Trust Property, near the rural village of Oundle. Lyveden New Bield is an example of working progress Elizabethan building work. When the starter of the project, Sir Thomas Tresham died, the project was halted, and never completed. Lyveden is still incomplete and virtually unaltered since work stopped on Tresham's death in 1605.

When we got there, my brothers did an Easter egg hunt, and me and my parents looked around the house. The house also has some nice gardens, which we walked around after we had looked around the house. Some of the photos show the house and its gardens.
Lyveden New Bield (The National Trust)
Lyveden New Bield (The National Trust)

Next we went off to a nearby country park (Barnwell) where my brothers had a play on the toys. It was a very nice country park, and if you ever go near, I recommend you call in.

Finally we went to the station at Wansford. It was a very nice little old fashioned station. We had a look around, and saw a train arrive, before we left.

Day rating: 8/10

Images: Lyveden New Bield (245KB) Lyveden New Bield Grounds (495KB) Lyveden New Bield Family Photo (405KB) Lyveden New Bield Scenery (247KB) Barnwell Country Park (414KB) Wansford Station (249KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 6th April 2010, Event date: 3rd April 2010

Day 2 - Santa Pod

4th April 2010

After a busy day yesterday, today we went to Santa Pod, for a drag racing day out. Just to be clear, we were not doing the drag racing, oh no, we were just watching.

The first thing we did was watch a few cars race each other, reaching speeds of around 150mph in the 1/4 of a mile stretch of track.

As well as the drag racing track, there was also an arena where all sorts of motorised related events went on. We saw motorbike stunts, extremely skilled car control and some monster trucks. The extremely skilled car control was performed by the world famous Terry Grant.

Bloodhound SSC - At Santa Pod
Bloodhound SSC - At Santa Pod
 Terry Grant is a world famous stunt driver with awesome car control. At one point he locked the speed and steering of the car, climbed out of the window, and ran away from the car, leaving it spinning round in circles in the middle of the arena!

We then watched a few more races, before we went to have a look around some of the stands. One of the stands was about the worlds (soon to be) fastest car - which will set the world land speed record. It was really amazing. Bloodhound SSC is going to be run this summer, and it is thought that it will achieve speeds of around 1000mph! It is said that it will be so fast that it could outrun a bullet!

We then once again returned to the track to watch a few more races, before finally leaving.

Day rating: 7/10

Images: Santa Pod Motorbikes (259KB) Santa Pod Motorbikes Jumping (228KB) Santa Pod Terry Grant (244KB) Santa Pod Monster Truck (223KB) Santa Pod Race Track (295KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 6th April 2010, Event date: 4th April 2010

Day 3 - The Black Country Living Museum

5th April 2010

On the final day of the Easter weekend, we went to visit the Black Country Living Museum. The Black Country Living Museum is a really amazing little town located inside the town of Dudley - near Birmingham.

We all had a really great day there, and it was like you had literally stepped into the past. There was an indoor museum, however apart from that it was a very physical experience.

You could play old games in the street, have a lesson at the school, go down the custom built mine (which was a very eye opening experience), get fish and chips, or sweets, or cakes, from old fashioned shops, take a ride on a tram or trolley buses (old buses), go on the old fashioned fairground rides and so much more!

In addition to the old town, there were also many people, dressed up as though they were in the 1920's and 1930's.
The Black Country Living Museum
The Black Country Living Museum

Despite the experience, the one thing we all hated about the day were the queues. You didn't have to queue for many things, but for those that you did, it took ages - we waited for around 45 minutes for the mine experience!

Eventually when the museum closed at 5 o'clock we left.

Day rating: 7/10

Images: The Black Country Living Museum Old Town (251KB) The Black Country Living Museum Old Street (317KB) The Black Country Living Museum Old Petrol Pumps (299KB)

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 6th April 2010, Event date: 5th April 2010

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