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Last Wednesday, my technology blog ( died. Why?

Technology Bloggers Logo Well for a long time I had been moving to move my tech blog to its own domain, and power it by WordPres. This would make it more easy to post for me, and keep it independant from my site.

Why didn't I? Well when choosing a domain name to move my technology blog to, I just couldn't. An option came up which was and my head went wild! What if I destroyed my old blog and set up a totally new one? What if I set up a community blog, which I owned the domain name, but everyone owned the blog. Everyone benefits from it, and loads of people write for it and read it.

I bought and I couldn't decide which one to use? I wanted .com, but the dash was a bit annoying... then I had a brainwave. This blog isn't going to be a business, it's a community, or rather an organisation of bloggers. was purchased!
I launched the blog on Wednesday the 13th of April, and it has been amazing me since then! At first all seemed rather lackadaisical, then all of a sudden the traffic really picked up - people moving from my old blog to Technology Bloggers? Who knows. I started getting comments - loads of them! The community blog which is yet to be ten days old has already had thirtynine comments from fourteen different people. There are four active authors and ten articles written.

Wonder what all the fuss is about? Head over to Technology Bloggers, the community, dofollow blog and find out!

Technology Bloggers - A whole community of technology bloggers

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Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date written: 22nd April 2011

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